Sewing & Design

My latest efforts in sewing and design have been going into making one-of-a-kind garments out of beautiful, quality recycled wool and cashmere. You can see them and buy them at Kerry's Bazaar on ETSY!

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Sometime in the mid-1980's, I approached my mom's Singer for the first time. I began to make garments from patterns, and to learn a skill that I value greatly to this day. I have worked in various sewing-related capacities, learning tricks from experienced sewers and have embarked upon many a sewing journey in search of wisdom and mastery, developing my own tricks.

I have sewn for money, love and pleasure through the years. These days, I most enjoy making one-of-a-kind garments and useful items, and developing designs that I enjoy wearing or using in my day-to-day life.

I also enjoy teaching others to sew. I am available for classes, workshops and private lessons. Based in Estes Park, Colorado, US. Contact me if you're interested in learning to sew.

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