Kerry's Bazaar

I'm happy to offer you my one-of-a-kind, handmade clothing and accessories! I hope you enjoy browsing through my store. If you have questions about anything, please feel free to contact me.

Although I use many materials in my creations, much of what you see here is made from repurposed garments, primarily wool, cashmere and natural fiber sweaters that I search for in re-sale shops. When I walk into stores and see perfectly good fabrics that have been made into poorly designed garments that are eventually discarded by their owners, I think of all of the resources that go into creating garments. I think of pesticides sprayed on cotton fields, of sheep living lives just to give us wool, of the Mongolian steppes being denuded due to the high demand for cashmere, of the people (including children) working in poor conditions in garment factories, of the fuel to transport these goods, of the shop owners often having to sell these garments for barely more than they've paid for them. It's a disappointing cycle that I'm trying to break by bringing new life to these amazing fibers that Mother Earth has gifted to us.

I search for high-quality fabrics that will endure and then cut and sew them into garments that I think are fun, flattering and timeless. Each one is unique, created with love and care and presented to you for your wearing pleasure. Together we can transform our approach to clothing ourselves from industrial uniformity to the creative expression of the individual selves that we are!

My label is PLANETARY INFLUENCE, inspired by my true love, the practice of astrology. You can find out more about that at Thank you for visiting The Bazaar! Store

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